Trojans Launch Another Scud Attack: Lies About Norm Chow

It's becoming clear that Trojies are more than worried. Now that Neuheisel and his staff have laid down an effective challenge to Pom Pom and his poodles on the recruiting front, the Trojies are shreaking with one negative attacks after another.

Over the weekend I pointed how Scott Wolf from the Daily News launched a baseless and unsubstantiated attack against UCLA coaches re. the recruitment of Roby Toma. Wolf  is the same guy who predicted Te'o, XSF, and Carroll to Southern Cal, Hasiak to Cal or Washington during the closing days of recruiting. He also had blurted out earlier in the recruiting season how UCLA wouldn't be hold on to Pressley's committment. So he is basically nothing short of stenographer for the Heritage Hall. I don't think one has to be some kind of genius to figure out where that Toma related baseless attack is coming from.

Apparently that wasn't the only scud coming out of Heritage Hall in last few days. A reader of ours pointed us to the following post on the OC Register's Trojan blog in which some hack named Adam Moya posted this garbage on Chow and Te'o (emphasis added):

And then there’s this: While covering the UCLA-USC basketball game Wednesday night, I heard Te’o informed Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow during a conversation Wednesday morning he wouldn’t be attending UCLA. Someone who said he knew of the exchange said Chow, the recruiter assigned to Te’o and a fellow member of the LDS Church, then supposedly told Te’o that that was fine as long as he didn’t go to USC.

Get that? Maya runs with unsupported, unsubstantiated conjecture from some source smearing Chow without providing a shred of definitive evidence. I wonder who exactly was that "someone who knew of the exchange"?

You can see what is going on here. Neuheisel, Chow and UCLA staff punked Carroll and outhustled in him in the closing days and Petey is not liking it. So they have now taken the route of slash and burn, by hurling every stupid and baseless negative attacks they can think of whether their access loving shills posing as beat reporters ("bloggers").

We have received a number of emails on what exactly transpired on South Central on signing day but we will not post gossip and rumors like these cheesy toolbags reports who have been completely absent on reporting on stories such as Bush, Mayo, and the littany of other real Trojan scandals from last few years.

Oh another laughable Trojan talking point from this recruiting season came via Greg Biggens (in an article written by Adam Maya of course):

It seems Carroll has begun to meet his match — the depth chart. USC, which has seen three highly regarded out-of-state players transfer in the past 18 months, might just have too many good players.

"It's catching up with them," said Greg Biggins, director of recruiting for ESPN RISE. "For the first time players are seeing it's tough to get in there and play early."

Then Biggins added: "It's a problem everyone would probably love to have. I think it's pretty remarkable."

Uh hum. So all on a sudden depth chart has become a liablity for poor Pom Pom? It wasn't an issue during last 4-5 years when it was just as stacked as it is now? Their roster has been loaded for years. It didn't magically get loaded just last year.

What Biggens and rest of the Trojan shills will never have the intellectual honesty to admit is that Pom Pom's program was hurt by the Mark Sanchez PR debacle. They don't have the guts to write how the attrition of Trojan coaching staff is finally taking its toll. So instead of writing about the real reasons for Trojans losing ground, they are taking the easy route by cutting and pasting talking points from Heritage Hall which includes pathetic, baseless and unsupported attacks on UCLA coaches.

Keep it up Trojies. Keep launching these scuds which started with Kenny's juvenile attack against CRN.

It's frankly kind of amusing. They are scared and a little desperate and they are becoming more predictable than an offense coached by Karl Dorrell.


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