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More Spring Football Info Out Today

The 2009 spring football guide is out. You can download a pdf version (courtesy of Brian Dohn) by going here. Here is a look at the cover boys for this spring:


The guide is also available on the official site as well.

Hopefully Logan will have a better luck this year as he was also on the cover page of last year's spring guide as well.

Also the spring depth chart was out today. Among the moves that stood out to Dohn:

--Sean Sheller's move from right tackle to left tackle.
--Nate Chandler being the first-string right tackle
--The starting QB being listed as Kevin Craft OR Kevin Prince
--Chane Moline listed at fullback
--Christian Ramirez listed as the starting tailback
--Aaron Hester OR Courtney Viney listed as a starting cornerback
--Glenn Love listed as the starting strong safety
--David Carter listed as a defensive tackle
--Kai Forbath listed as the kickoff person

Other interesting notes IMO:

  • Kai Maiava is penciled in as starter over Jake Dean at C
  • Derrick Coleman is listed at TB eventhough we heard rumblings that he might be moved over to FB
  • Redshirt FR Jerry Johnson (a speedster I can't wait to see next year is listed ahead of Embree at SE
  • In a cursory look I counted about 16 walkons and about 11 of them were from the defensive side. This is not unusual I guess given it's spring and how we have been trying to rebuild this program from ground up with infusion of fresh recruits. I am going to guess that number will go down a bit later this August.

Also, I wonder how difficult it will be for Fortbath to improve on the performance of Jimmy Rotstein. Hopefully next year we will not see the defense having to deal with the opposing team consistently starting around the 40 yard line (at least that is what it felt like when Rostein was kicking off).

You can check out the whole depth chart (even though the format is garbled) over here.