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Center Court: Pac-10 Tourney Open Thread

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Ben Ball warriors don't get back in action till tomorrow night. So we will have to wait for another 24 hours for JA and his team-mates to attack the rim:


Photo Credit: E. Corpuz

Still I am sure many here are taking tourney actions going on coast to coast on WWL and other networks. We might as well open it up for a special tourney thread.

Pac-10 actions gets started tonight around 6 pm PST with #8 Oregon State taking on #9 Stanford (winner plays #1 Washington). Unless you have been under a rock you should know that we will be taking on the winner between #7 Washington State and #10 Oregon which will get started around 8:30 pm PST. You can check out the full schedule here (HT drumfool).

So if you are hanging around BN tonight watching tonight's Pac-10 games or hoops from across the country, this thread is for you. This would be the thread where you can drop you knowledge - quick takes, observations, commentary - on other teams that might work out as a good scouting report/early notes for a future opponent.

So fire away.