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Center Court: Ben Ball (Washington State) Pac-10 Tourney Pre-Game Thread

We have another four and half hours till these guys get back on the court:


Photo Credit: J. Rosenfeld

Meanwhile ... things are getting interesting.

#11 Kansas went down earlier today against Baylor.

#18 Clemson went down against Georgia Tech

#11 Villanova barely squeaked by #21 Marquette with a 76-75 win.

I am going by rankings according to ESPN/USA Today Poll and you can check the day's full scoreboard over here.

Those results might have an impact on UCLA's tourney seedings provided the Bruins take care of business on their own end tonight.

We get to find out soon. Meawhile, for those who are taking in the ongoing Pac-10 action here is our pre-game thread leading to our game thread which will go up around 8:00 pm PST.

Fire away.