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NCAA Selection Show: Ben Ball Open Thread

In less than half hour we get to find out where and against whom we will get to see this next:

Photo Credit: E. Corpuz

For those who are tracking "bracketology" projects from various networks you can visit WWL, CNNSI, and (CBS).

You should be able to print out the brackets by going here.

If you are wondering what goes on during the discussion sessions of NCAA selection show committee, check out the Q&A with Dan Guerrero (who is a member of the committee) via Jill Painter in the Daily News. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here, but still amusing to read:

DN: You have to excuse yourself when the committee discuses UCLA. What do you do during that time?

DG: I usually go into the room with the flat screen TVs or go into my room for the most part. Sometimes, it's five minutes or 10 minutes and other times it's an hour.

As mentioned earlier today, we will leave it up to you guys for all the looking ahead and tips on filling out the brackets.