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Center Court: Ben Ball (VCU) Madness Pre-Game Early Thread

Well the Madness gets started in a matter of mins. We thought it would be a good idea to start it off with this:

UCLA Where Amazing Happens (via 805Bruin)

BTW in case you missed it our official site posted the entire Q&A featuring Coach Howland and DC &JS from yesterday's tourney presser in Philadelphia. Lot's of good bits in there including this one from DC and JS:

Q. You are somewhat unique in how many times you've been in this. People always talk about that in terms of experience, but they don't elaborate on it. If somebody said to you, What is your library of knowledge? What is it about this thing that you think you've learned over the years?
Darren Collison: Well, we just won a lot of games throughout the past three years. Being a 6 seed doesn't really matter to us, because we know what we're capable of as a team. We have a lot of veteran guys that have been to the Final Four three straight times. Even though this year we're not expected to make it again, it just makes it that much more challenging and fun to us.
We like to play as a team, but we're also competitors. We like to compete and go against the grain. So if everybody is saying it's going to be an upset tomorrow, that's fine. That's something we're going to use as motivation.

Josh Shipp: That experience, I mean, is key. A lot of players, they don't make the tournament. For us to have gone to the Final Four three straight years is just huge. I think it just speaks for our program, how we prepare, how we do in this tournament. It says a lot about Coach Howland, how he prepares us to play in these game situations.

As for the games this afternoon here is a link to time and schedule for CBS coverage.  If you are trying to follow all the action via your desktop go over CBS's March Madness On Demand

Also in case you missed it you might want to check out what CRN told Dan Patrick about bracket business in the Neuheisel household. lol Good stuff.

Enjoy the Madness.