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Center Court: Ben Ball (VCU) Madness Pre-GameThread

The afternoon round of games are over which means it's time to get started with the pre game thread taking in the first games in the evening session.

Hope by now everyone has been able to erase all the negative vibes coming at our our team from all direction coast-to-cast. And to make that a little easier here is a little word from the Coach:

UCLA: Champions Made Here (via BBRVideos)

And in case you are wondering the Coach is feeling good and will be watching our Ben Ball warriors tonight. So who cares who President Obama will be rooting for as long as we have Coach Wooden on our side.

Again for quick reference here is a link to time and schedule for CBS coverage.  If you are trying to follow all the action via your desktop go over CBS's March Madness On Demand.

Just hours to go till we take on the All Mighty VCU Rams. Our game thread will go up around 6:30 pm PST.