Heading to Philadelphia Early In The Morning ...

So here are some numbers that were going through my head last 48 hours as I was thinking whether or not we should check out our basketball team in person. Some numbers for UCLA basketball and Coach Howland when I see them in person.

  • UCLA is 1-0 in a second round game (saw them beat #1 seeded Cincinnati in Pittsburgh in 2002
  • UCLA is 2-1 in the East Coast (beating Cincinnati in 02 tourney, Georgetown in 03-04 season, but losing to Villanova 02 on their campus stadium)
  • Under Coach Howland UCLA is 1-0 when I have seen our Ben Ball warriors in person.
  • Coach Howland is 2-0 (I saw him beat Cal as the Pitt head coach in 02 tournament's second round game, which immediately followed UCLA's fluke win over Cincy under Lavin earlier in the afternoon).

Of course what happens tomorrow has nothing to do with whether or not I am at the game. But I kept going back and worth whether me being there is good or bad karma for the Bruins.As you can see I have seen us lose only once in the East Coast but that came against Villanova. However, I think the karma I have in watching UCLA's second round game against favored opponent and Howland's undefeated record when I see him in person win out over that factor. :-)

So didn't want to pass up the opportunity when I got a hold of couple of tickets today. We are taking the train early am tomorrow to head into Philly and will be inside Wachovia Center losing our voices, going crazy in rooting on our warriors.

I don't really care what happens tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. N and I are just excited to see Coach Howland and our boys in person in the East Coast for the first time in a very long time.

Moreover, we know no matter what happens tomorrow afternoon we are not going to see DC, PAA, and JS in UCLA uniforms much longer. We got to see them earlier this year in an OOC game during the x-mas break which was pretty special. But we didn't want to lose out on one more opportunity to check out these three wonderful kids who have given everything they have to the magical four letters stitched infront of their jerseys in person.

Tomorrow is going to be special for us no matter what happens.

See you guys here sometime on Sunday.


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