LA Times Decides To Coddle Howland/UCLA Hating Whiners

Some sampling of today's LTE section. No linking per our policy of sending traffic towards garbage:

Gentle Ben complained about Villanova having "home court" advantage and knowing where all the "dead spots" were on the floor. His gutty little Bruins were defeated due to lack of the home cooking they've gotten the previous three years.

By the way, the only dead spot on the floor in Philly was the Bruin bench.

John Mark

Newport Beach

I guess "John Mark" forgot the kind of defense UCLA played in previous three seasons and had a difficult time playing after losing three stars to NBA. Anyway here is more:

Like the adage goes, you can't teach height. Or intensity. The problem with UCLA doesn't lie in coaching, but in recruiting. There's nothing wrong with landing heralded guards and forwards, but if the Bruins ever expect to win and bang with the big boys, Coach Howland and his staff better start searching for more players who can ably clog the paint and have ravenous appetites for rebounds.

If this doesn't happen, UCLA may as well start lowering its standards and initiate raising Round of 32/Sweet 16/Elite Eight/Final Four banners instead of the other ones that we're all used to seeing in the Pauley rafters.

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

Somehow Mark forgot UCLA had some dude named KL lighting up the college basketball scene. Somehow Mark - fairweather - Featerstone forgot it was Howland who brought in LRMAM who became the PFOY and also made a name for himself as one of the best rebounding forwards in the country. And it is hilarious to read about this guy complaining about UCLA not playing with "intensity." I am going to assume he is neither a UCLA alum or fan who cares about Bruin basketball because he sounds like he was either in a cave or not watching UCLA hoops for last 4 years. There is more including the classic whine re. Ben not playing zone defense:

While I appreciate what Ben Howland has done for the UCLA basketball program, I wonder if he will ever get UCLA over the hump. It is not just the 20-point thrashing against Villanova, it is the fact that Ben appears to have no Plan B when his way is not working.

Oh, and Ben, there is this thing called a zone defense that you might want to have in your bag of tricks.

Daniel Michael

Adrian, Mich.

Get it ... one "bad year" for these whining babies which entailed 25+ wins and a second round exit ... and they now want perhaps the best defensive coach in college basketball to change up his scheme.

I don't think any of these guys are actual UCLA fans. These people probably tune into UCLA hoops during tournament season without having a clue or sense of what happens with the program on a day to day basis. Of course LA Times being what it is can't help itself, when it sees an opportunity to amplify the concern trolling.

No wonder some of the coaches following John R. Wooden felt so suffocated at times. They had to deal with these whining babies who were hoisted up by a pathetic local media as "true UCLA basketball fans."

Thankfully those days are gone. Coach Howland and his staff will have lot more support not just for the results they have produced on the court, but also because of forums like this one where UCLA fans who actually watch the team and follow them on day by day basis can offer their reality based observations.

I can't wait for the next season. However, given the stupidity that is at display we know we will have to do our part o push back against the mindless/concern trolling chatter.


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