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And She Fiddled...

By now many of you have seen bucknellbruin's fanshot, describing the House Resolution introduced by Los Angeles area Congresswoman Diane Watson. The resolution would honor SUC's Rose Bowl victory, despite the dishonorable things their merry band of thugs does on and off the field.

I ask Diane, does the following clip strike you as something that should be honored and celebrated?

Heartwarming, no?

This is what you endorse by passing such a resolution. Not to mention a laundry list of SCandals that help keep the LAPD busy. Is this really what you want to attach your name to Diane? Is it worth it? From her own bio:

Representative Watson attended Birdie Lee Bright Elementary School (formerly 36th Street School), Foshay Junior High School, and Dorsey High School. After graduating from High School, Congresswoman Watson attended Los Angeles City College and matriculated at UCLA, where she received a B.A. in Education. She also holds a M.A. in School Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the Claremont Graduate School.

I understand the need to represent all of your constituents, so maybe I can overlook this blatant act of betrayal. What I do not understand is introducing a worthless piece of legislation at a time like this. I would like to think the public servants in DC take the current crisis as seriously as the rest of us do. What I don't understand is glorifying the lawless culture downtown, people playing free and loose with the rules and ethics the same way so many others did nationwide and across the globe to get us into this mess in the first place. As retirement accounts, life savings, and home values shrink seemingly by the hour, it disgusts me that even a second is devoted in Washington to this kind of tripe. Rep. Watson, this legislation is the wrong message at the absolute wrong time. Rome is burning, Rep. Watson. Are you going to be Nero?

If you share the disgust and disappointment I feel at this diversion in attention from the problems that face us as a country, and you want her to GET BACK TO WORK, her contact info is here.