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Chris Forcier To Transfer

Brian Dohn has the story on his blog:

Just got word that quarterback Chris Forcier has been given his release and is transferring from UCLA.
"He has been granted his release and he's exploring other options," UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said.

This is the way it is supposed to work, people. You recruit a bunch of good quarterbacks and let them compete. And the one's that end up low on the depth chart, transfer.

Our prior coach didn't approach things this way. He became so unraveled by having Drew Olson and Matt Moore compete with each other that he eventually vowed to never take two qbs in the same class.

Rick Neuheisel has it right. Recruit your qbs, let them battle it out and let those who don't rise to the top transfer somewhere they can play and open up the scholarship for another player.

Good luck to Chris Forcier. Here's hoping he finds a program more suited to his playing style.