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Spaulding Roundup: Spring Football News & Notes

We got less than 2 days till start of spring practice and there are lot of pieces and bits of info to take in. First, let's start with Forcier. Of course by now everyone here knows that he has asked for his release from UCLA. But here is something interesting from Dohn. Apparently CRN approached Forcier and asked him about his interest in playing WR:

He was recently timed at 4.43 seconds in the 40-yard dash, the fastest on the team. It prompted Neuheisel to approach Forcier about changing to the receiver position.

"He wasn't interested," Neuheisel said. "I just told him that his best position may be another one. He was convinced and committed to staying at quarterback."

I am glad Neuheisel made that query because that is something Toledo never (at least publicly) did with Drew Bennett. CRN for his part is being classy wishing Forcier well:

"He's been given his release and he's exploring other options," UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said. "We obviously wish Chris well and want him to be successful."

Hope it all works out for Chris. Also other bits of info. that trickled out of Dohn's blog yesterday:

  • Sean Sheller (knee) is 100 percent and ready for practice (per CRN)
  • S Aaron Ware has been having hamstring issues and his status for Thursday's start of spring practice is uncertain.
  • CRN is hoping JUCO OL Eddie Williams "can get through what he needs to get through and be part of the team."
  • Dohn thinks it is "unlikely Compton College defensive tackle Brandon Warner will be at UCLA in the summer because of transcript issues." He also is projecting Waner to New Mexico State (where Walker is the HC) if Warner's transcript issue doesn't get worked out. While it would be bummer if neither Warner or Williams make it to UCLA, it wouldn't be a huge surprise given the issues we had with our academics department in recent years in approving JUCO transfers.

Also in other news it looks like E.J. Woods is going to practice with the team for now, and was held out of all the off-season conditioning program:

UCLA freshman safety E.J. Woods, who was charged earlier this months with six misdemeanor counts of battery and sexual battery, will partake in spring practice, when it begins Thursday.

"I know he's got a legal issue that needs to be addressed," Neuheisel said. "We'll monitor that situation closely."

Woods, who is expected to compete for a starting spot, has a court date scheduled for April 6. As part of Neuheisel's discipline after Woods' Jan. 6 arrest, the former Crespi High of Encino star was not allowed to participate in the offseason conditioning program.

Guess we will be learning more about the facts in this situation in next couple of week. If anyone thinks that Wood didn't miss much (or fall behind in the team competition) by missing out on the off-season conditioning program, read up Dohn's piece from today on UCLA's off-season workout under S&C coach Mike Linn. I will put up a stand alone post on that in just a bit.