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Request From Coach Wooden's Family

Coach Wooden's family made the following public request this week via UCLA:

Family members of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden are requesting that fans no longer mail or ship items to Coach Wooden for his signature.
"We appreciate the support and respect fans from all over the country have given our father over the years, but our family feels it has become necessary to make this request," said Nan Muehlhausen and Jim Wooden, Coach Wooden's daughter and son.
"The amount of mail Dad receives on a weekly basis is just overwhelming, and that doesn't include the items sent to the basketball office at UCLA. Dad would try to sign every item if he could, but the number of items he is receiving has increased greatly in the last few months and the family feels it is time to make this request.
"We hope everyone understands and respects our request. Dad is 98 years old and we believe that signing his name for hours on end on a daily basis is not in his best interest."
Muehlhausen and Wooden added that items that have already been mailed or shipped will be returned to the post office or shipping service to be returned to sender.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Hope Coach is feeling much better this week and I am crossing my fingers that somehow he can make it to Pauley on Saturday.