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Three Seniors: Marking Their Signature Moments As Ben Ball Warriors

I don't have Tele's mad video skills. So there is no way I will ever be able to put together a montage of the most memorable moments of our three seniors on the eve of their last game at Pauley. I have been thinking last few days about the moments and games involving these three seniors that stand out to me the most.

It is very hard to come up with specific higlights considering how many big games they have won over the years on their way to conference championships, Pac-10 tourney championships and obviously the run to all those Final-4s.

There are few moments though that stand out at least to me. First let's start with PAA, iIt was this dunk (I think there is a term for it which I am not going to type out since we are becoming mostly a family show on the front page) that I think represented PAA's introduction to the national scene:

UCLA Aboya Dunks on Noah (via vhx1)

Moving on to JS there are two shots (moments that stand out to me). Of course there was that circus shot against Cal last year (turn down the volume so you can tune out CHP:

College Basketball Cal at UCLA 03/08/08 Josh Shipp shot (via iron9iant)

But really when I think of JS for some reason I keep going back to this shot to beat the buzzer at half time v. Kansas two years ago:

Josh Shipp Three-Pointer before Halftime (via MyGlayven)

There was something about that shot. It was so clutch that after it everyone in the arena and those of us watching it on TV knew inside we were not going to lose that game.

As for DC we all saw what happened against Cal last weekend. I think the game that showed his ability to dominate was the one against Stanford in the Pac-10 finals last year in which he took over the game against the Cardinal twin tower as both KL and LRMAM were ailing with nagging injuries:

Darren Collison vs. Stanford - 2008 Pac 10 Tournament (via 805Bruin)

Plus there was this moment against the Aggies last year in the second round:

UCLA vs Texas A&M (via tkerwin77)

I am sure those are not the only memories of big plays associated with these three warriors. If you think of other moments please share them in the comment threads and offer up any particular memory you have about these warriors.

I don't know what is in store for us this year (I just want them to have a huge game tomorrow and then think about the next opponent. But considering what they have done for those magical four letters last four years, nothing will diminish their legend as Ben Ball warriors in Howland.

Thank you Alfred.

Thank you Josh.

Thank you Darren.

Here is to a great game tomorrow.