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Bruins Self Destruct Against Stanford

Bruins drop the rubber match v. Stanford yesterda afternoon in Palo Alto. Here are the top lines from the official site's recap:

STANFORD, Calif. - The UCLA baseball team dropped its series finale at Stanford, 7-2, Saturday afternoon at Klein Field at Sunken Diamond. Right-hander Charles Brewer (1-4) absorbed the loss, despite surrendering just three runs and six hits in six innings. Brewer logged three strikeouts and did not issue any walks.

Stanford left-hander Brett Mooneyham (3-1) earned the victory, limiting the visiting Bruins (13-19, 6-6 Pac-10) to two runs and four hits. He recorded 10 strikeouts for the second time this season and walked four batters. Stanford right-hander Drew Storen notched his fourth save of the spring, allowing one hit and tallying two strikeouts in three innings of scoreless relief.

Stanford earned the Pac-10 series victory, winning by a 4-3 margin in 10 innings on Thursday before knocking off the Bruins, 7-2, on Saturday afternoon.

I was able to watch the team for the first time this season thanks to CSTV. Saw most of the game until things complete fell apart late in the game (7th inning in particular when the bullpen seem to fall part). It sure looked like it was the Bruins that self destructed with 3 errors (Stanford didn't committ one) and going 0 for 10 in runners in scoring position.

Hopefully we can hear from rye in next couple of days about what has been the proble this season. Since I don't really watch the team in person (and depend on reading recaps and analysis from rye and the official site) I am not going to get into any kind of blame game. But if the bottom line is the standard safe to say so far this season has been extremely disappointing. Hopefully the boys will fight back and salvage what's left of it starting next week. We can always hope.