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Finally: SB Nation Launches LA Lakers Blog

Well it was about time.

Time to celebrate ladies and gentlemen. We have a Laker blog on SB Nation. Silver Screen and Roll joined the SB Nation party yesterday:

Silver Screen and Roll

The Lakers... you know them well. But then, who doesn't? They are, and always have been, the team that brings the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the hardwood floor of NBA basketball. They're as entertaining as Thursday evening television, as exciting as an action movie, as dramatic as a soap opera. They bring with them the history and tradition of former champions, the expectations of future champions, the largest fan base in the world, and more drama than a basketball fan's favorite cable channel, TNT.

And we love it.

Fans and bloggers of other teams will criticize the Lakers for their flashiness on the court, or their occasional prima donna attitudes off it. They will criticize Laker fans for showing up late and leaving early, accuse us of being fair weather fans, and even hate us simply because our team is so popular.

Here at Silver Screen and Roll, we don't apologize for any of that. As far as we're concerned, a flashy team can be a good team, we win because we expect to (not the other way around), "We want tacos!" is as much a cry for defense as it is an expression of hunger, and the fact that we're leaving a few minutes early to beat some of the worst traffic in the country doesn't mean we don't care about the outcome of every single Lakers game.

This is where Hollywood meets the hardwood — where the Silver Screen meets the Screen and Roll — and we love and embrace every minute and every aspect of it.

Well it alsp happens to be land belonging to thousands of Bruin Fans. If you don't believe me let me refer back to the poll last year in which overwhelming majority of Bruins Nation - 66 percent - voted for the (UC)LA Lakers as their favorite team in the NBA.

As the playoff season heats up, we are going to follow Silver Screen and Roll very closely. We are going to be very interested to see how Farmar, Ariza and rest of their team-mates follow up on last season's run which just fell short. So like it or not expect us to keep a close eye on Silver Screen and Roll as the purple and gold make their playoffs charge. So if you have time head over there and give the folks over there a warm Bruin welcome to SBN.