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Bobo Has Knee Surgery

Brian Dohn breaks the story.

UCLA backup center J'mison Morgan had arthroscopic surgery to remove torn cartilage in his right knee today.

Too bad for Bobo. Hope that this doesn't derail his off-season workout program too badly.

More here

UPDATE (N): More from's blog:

The procedure was performed by Dr. David McAllister, a UCLA team physician, earlier Thursday at the UCLA Hospital. Recovery time is expected to be six weeks.

Bobo is a great kid. Despite all the rumors and gossip we have heard on the message boards about him transferring, it sure seemed he has been very happy to be Bruin and enjoying his time in Westood. Instead of sounding discouraged, I think we should send good vibes Bobo's way. Sure he will get set back by few weeks. But I am counting on him to get well, feel better, have a great spring quarter and a very productive summer before his sophomore season in Westood.

In the long term Bobo is going to be all right getting coached by one of the best staff in the country. Get well Bobo. We are all pulling for you big fella.