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Spaulding Roundup: Price Dominates, Prince Struggles, Knox-Dean Shine

So the Bruins held an 80 play scrimmage yesterday and once again the defense dominated the offense. Per the LA Times Brian Price was an absolute menace at Spaulding yesterday as he piled up 4 sacks and 1 blocked field goal.

As for Prince, it sounds like the kid is going through expected learning process as a first year QB (who still hasn't taken a single game snap yet). From Brian Dohn Jon Gold (subbing in for Dohn):

After being awful early against a pass rush that camped in the backfield, the Bruins' first-team offense started to move the ball late in the 80-yard scrimmage, getting into field-goal range on multiple occasions. But sure points turned into turnovers, as Prince threw two interceptions during the scrimmage's last several plays.

The redshirt freshman out of Crespi of Encino, though, refused to blame his inexperience for the mistakes.

"You have to take it as a learning experience," Prince said. "You don't want it to happen, but you don't want to brush it off to the side and say, `He's young, he doesn't know any better.' The fact of the matter is, if I'm going to be competing for the starting job, I can't be making those plays."

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel expects him to.

Hurried out of the pocket on both occasions, Neuheisel conceded Prince was perhaps trying to do a little too much, trying to make something out of nothing instead of throwing the ball away. [...]

"It's necessary to go through this," Neuheisel said. "Do I wish he'd hit every pass? Yeah, but then I'd be sitting here worried about the defense. There's nobody who's played that position that's ever done it without making mistakes, especially when you're young."

FWIW Prince thought the offense over all performed better than the last scrimmage:

"There were bright spots for sure," Prince said. "Every day we come out for practice, there are bright spots. But it's a matter of getting the majority of the practice bright. I thought we were terrible last week, but I watched some film, and I could see some things that were good

Prince probably was referring to Knox and Dean as the bright spots on our offense who apparently had one of their best days at practice:

The Bruins' running game enjoyed the best offensive moments, as redshirt freshman Milton Knox ran for 48 yards and a touchdown in eight carries, Aundre Dean set up his own short touchdown run with a bruising burst up the middle and Derrick Coleman gained 29 yards in seven carries.

Hopefully Knox and Dean can keep it up. Also, on the injury front Kai Maivia went down with a left sprained ankle per the LAT. While CRN sounds concerned he is hoping to get Kai back in practice next week. Fingers crossed on that front.

The boys have the weekend off from practice. They get back out on Spaulding on Monday at 4pm.