Hope Floyd stays at JustSC

So Floyd has 24 hours to decide what to do per the LA Times:

Tim Floyd, who took USC's basketball program to new heights, was offered the Arizona job Wednesday, a source familiar with the situation said.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous as he was not authorized to speak about the situation, said that Floyd met with Arizona Athletic Director Jim Livengood and was offered the position. Floyd is believed to have 24 hours to make a decision.

Floyd could not be reached for comment and did not respond to a text message.

Arizona asked for permission to speak with Floyd on Tuesday. At the team banquet that night, Floyd gave an impassioned speech to players about staying at USC to win a national title, and not jumping to the NBA. He flew off to interview at Arizona on Wednesday.

"Arizona called me and asked for permission. I gave them permission to talk to him," USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett said. "I know that was in the process."

Asked if he had spoken to Floyd, Garrett said, "He'll come to me and tell me what he's decided. That's how it works."

Uhm, I am not sure how Floyd took JustSC to "new heights" given the fact that Bibby was just as successful than him in the tournament (making one run to Steve-16) and Raveling was more consistent (per their "standards") during regular seasons.

That said I like Floyd where he is ... underachieving one season after another. Because if Floyd leaves that will probably open the door for Jamie Dixon to Southern Cal. Jamie Dixon to Southern Cal would be a major move. It will also make (at least for this Bruin) it very difficult to dislike that basketball program, given his character and former ties to Howland.  Oh and don't think Dixon will not take the job because he doesn't want to compete against his former mentor or that he is afraid of sanctions (you think NCAA will grow a spine against SC?).

Any Californian (west coaster) living out in East will always jump at a good opportunity to come home by the Pacific Ocean.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter for us given with Howland we will keep getting recruits, keep the program on the right path and compete for conference titles almost every season and for the NC on a regular basis. But Jamie at Southern Cal would be interesting. He is a good guy and very different from the characters that have led their major programs in recent decades. He would change my feelings towards their program.

So if I were a UCLA fan, I'd root for Floyd to keep "coaching" at JustSC.


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