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More Driving ... Down Memory Lane

We had some fun driving down the memory lane on Friday night celebrating 14 year anniversary of banner number 11.  Well that video was between UCLA and Arkansas for a basketball national championship. It just happened to led me to this video on another matchup between UCLA-Arkansas for a new year's bowl matchup in 1989:

1988 Season: 1989 Cotton Bowl CBS Intro (via cedar12345)

That's the CBS intro piece for 1989 Cotton Bowl game between Troy Aikman's UCLA Bruins and Ken Hatfield's Arkansas Razorbacks. The beginning is a little cheesy but still kind of look plus I am a sucker for the traditional CBS football intro music which gets started around the 2:50 mark

Remember that game? Actually playing in that game was somewhat of a disappointment for UCLA as we were all primed for a national championship season until our dreams got crushed courtesy of WSU's Rosenbach and our Rose Bowl hopes got dashed thanks to the Measles Bowl. Still Aikman did us proud by making sure he won his last game as UCLA.

That was my first full year of following UCLA football as a fan from beginning to end. Little did I know the kind of peaks and valleys I was going to experience as UCLA football fanatic in the following two decades. It all fell apart next year when Brett Johnson took over. Then Tommy Maddox came aboard to spark hope before he left town early. We got to experience Rose Bowl with Cook and J.J. before going on that magic carpet ride with Number 18. Then it has been pretty much one heart break after another since December 5, 1998 except for one brief respite via 13-9.

I think for the first time in a long time I feel like we have a football coach who will get us back to being a program when we are "settling" for playing bowl games in places like Cotton Bowl. Those were good times.