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Dear Bruins in Exile (And not so exiled)

The UCLA coaches are going on tour to speak about their programs!

Mingle with the stars at the UCLA coaches’ events. There’s no athletic program in college history more storied or successful than the Bruins’. More NCAA team championships than any other Division I school. First to 100. Now at 103—and counting. Come meet some of the men and women who are leading the way today: Ben Howland and Nikki Caldwell, Bruin basketball; Rick Neuheisel, Bruin football; Valorie Kondos Field, Bruin gymnastics; and Derek Freeman, men’s golf. Hear their anecdotes, game plans, and great expectations. Stay for an energizing evening at any one of six coaches events

The locations and speakers are:

  • San Francisco - Coach Ben Howland, Monday, May 4th
  • Los Angeles - Coach Howland and Coach Neuheisel, Tuesday,  May 12th
  • San Diego - Coach Howland, Thursday, May 14th
  • New York - Coach Neuheisel, Thursday, May 14th
  • Seattle - Coach Nikki Caldwell and Coach Valerie Kondos-Field, Friday, June 5th
  • Orange County - Coach Neuheisel and Coach Derek Freeman, Wednesday June 17

For more info, please visit the UCLA on the Road website:

UCLA Roadshow

The cost is 20 dollars per person.  If you were not sent an invite, there is a phone number you can call for more info.  I saw this in the current month's UCLA Magazine, and had been anxiously watching the website since.  I'm doing everything I can to get into the San Francisco one.

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