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Start Following BN In Twitterverse (To Beat '$C)

We are still working our way into this social networking tool and figuring our a way out. Apparently Friday is considered (#followfriday) in twitterverse when folks are supposed to recommend to those plugged into their twitter account to follow others they are keeping track via twitter. For our part we just tweeted to get our friend the following excellent tweeterers (including former Kanas City GM and Bruin official Carp Peterson who also follows BN):

BruinNation For #followfriday @UCLA @uclabuzztap @BruinBlueGold @Carl_Peterson @DBSports @uclabaseball

Anyway, apparently there has been some friendly competition going on courtesy of SBNation for a while to see which blog gets to 5,000 followers first. They have a website up tracking the race which you can check out by going here

We got off to a pretty late start but are doing all right. We are hanging in there among college blogs.  Here is the thing though instead of setting out sights on other SBN blogs why don't we pick a more fun target and compete against whom every Bruins love to hate.

Let's compete directly against Southern Cal. USCRipsIt, the nifty official blog of USC Football program currently has 656 followers on tweeter.

BruinNation has 163. It's an uphill climb but why not give it a shot. Let's see if we can get a BN twitter drive going to catch those Trojans.

We are the underdogs here going up against an account powered on by the PR machine of Southern California Trojans. But we might have a chance. We figure with 163 followers if you each can get 5 of your friends to follow BN we will be ahead of USCRipsit. So if you are already on twitter and are following BN, can you invite your friends to Beat 'SC by following BN. Simply tweet this:

Beat 'SC's official blog, follow @BruinNation for #followfriday

If you are already on twitter and not following us, now is the time to follow.  Oh and for those who are not on Twitterland, just sign up (it's easy to do) and follow BN. That gives me excuse to post one of my U2 favorites:


U2 - I will follow (via perdigaosuinos)

So let's beat $C, by following BN this Friday.