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UCLA's Formal Announcement On Plans for Pauley Pavillion Transformation

Pauley Pavilion Expansion/Renovation (source: <a href="" target="new">official site</a>)
Pauley Pavilion Expansion/Renovation (source: official site)

So the big announcement on Pauley renovations was today. Rye was there and live blogging from the annoucement ceremony all afternoon. Now we can take a look. The video is now up on a new site:

They don't have an embeddable version of the video available (yet). If they want to get the word around they should get one up asap, because that will spread the word faster.

Morgan Center released the following highlights of the renovation plan in their official release (HT jlegs):

  • Total Renovation of the existing arena
  • " Resolved life safety, security, and ADA accessible seating deficiencies
  • " New seismic, mechanical, electrical and plumbing distribution systems, smoke evacuation system, and upgrades to existing functions
  • New exterior appearance of Pauley Pavilion providing greater consistency with campus architecture
  • Improved entry points and increased patron circulation space to all levels of seating sections
  • Nearly 40,000 square feet of new lobby/concourse
  • New restrooms with over three (3) times more toilets than current Pauley Pavilion
  • New concessions with 25 more points of sale than current Pauley Pavilion
  • New Team Store for UCLA merchandise sales
  • New seating bowl with new aisles and steps with safety handrails; new seats, seating sections and entry points; new lighting and sound systems
  • All new retractable seating system on the lower level with individual padded seats and brings fans closer to the action
  • Over 1,000 additional seats in the arena, including more seats between the baskets, bringing capacity to almost 14,000
  • New HD video scoreboard and LED ribbon board
  • New historical displays, graphics, and prominent display of Championship banners
  • New floor with centered basketball court
  • New Athletics facility at floor level that includes:
  • " New locker rooms, including player lounges, for men's and women's basketball teams
  • Here is a shot of what the new locker room would look:


    Photo Credit: Official Site

    More highlights:

  • " New players' film room, weight room, equipment room, and sports medicine room
  • New multi-purpose Pavilion Club for campus events and game day hospitality
  • New locker room facilities for visiting teams and new media center
  • Additional building storage space for multi-purpose usage.
  • Per rye CBH seemed "excited" at the ceremony today (he certain seems excited and energized about it in the video that was linked above). Bruin legends Mike Warren and Ann Meyers-Drysdale  played the role of "cheer leaders" (as they did in the video as well) this afternoon. Here is what Chancellor Block and DG had to say about the plans in the official release:

    "Pauley Pavilion is hallowed ground," said Dan Guerrero, Director of Athletics. "This iconic building has been home to many historic events and some of the greatest athletes to ever compete in intercollegiate athletics. Now is the time to create a 'new' Pauley Pavilion - one that will continue to serve the UCLA community for many years to come.

    "There have been a number of wonderful moments during my time at UCLA, but the introduction of this project sits right at the top. I would like to thank the University and especially Chancellor Gene Block, not only for his commitment to our Athletic program, but for his leadership, vision, and support of this landmark project. Pauley Pavilion is a special place and this renovation will keep it among the nation's elite venues.

    Right now per the "current timeline" construction is supposed to being in February 2010. For the first year the focus is supposed to be on the north side and exterior of the facility. Pauley Pavilion will close at the end of 2011 season for interior works. At that point our teams will be playing at alternate sites. I am assuming they will be playing at venues such as Stapels Center, the Pond in Anaheim. That might not be a bad thing because it will give fans who normally don't get to come out to Westwood to check out the Bruins (and they often tend to be crazier than the Pauley crowd which could be fun). The project is supposed to be completed by Fall of 2012.

    You can get lot more details including the new "seating plan" by going over CampaignofChampions website. We will of course keep an eye on how the project is doing. How DG and Block manage this project might be one of the defining aspects (if not the one) of the legacies they will leave in Westwood.


    UPDATE (N): Video highlights from today's events is up (HT to uclabruin34):

    Pauley Pavilion Renovation Announcement (via UCLA)