List Building Excercise: 10 Points of Trojan Spin/Excuses

Here are 10 excuses I can think of right off the top of my head:

  1. Louis Johnson is a felon. You can't trust him!
  2. Johnson didn't see the actual handoff taking place between Timmeh and Guillory. So of course the story is not true.
  3. Do you really believe we would be that shady that our coaches would actually pay players?
  4. None of this is true because NCAA hasn't done anything about it and if NCAA hasn't done anything about it, there is nothing to see here.
  5. How are we supposed to know about all the basketball agents/players? We don't know anything about the game!
  6. Yahoo! Sports simply has an anti-Trojan agenda.
  7. Strike number 6. Everyone has an anti-Trojan agenda. Everyone envies U$C!
  8. The bad apple defense: this was just done by couple of corrupt agents and one or two families they were able to influence.
  9. Everyone else does it.
  10. Sam Gilbert!!!

Other excuses? I am sure there are more. Pile on in this thread.


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