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U$C*: "[T]he Most Scandalous Athletic Program of This Era"

That quote above is not from fanpost, fanshot, comment section on Bruins Nation.

It's right there on CBS courtest of Greg Doyle. In Doyle's words (HT NorCalBruin08):

[T]here has never been a dirtier combination of college football and college basketball programs, at the same time, than the Southern California Trojans.

What era of USC football and basketball?

This era.

Doyle's piece is devastating which includes the following amusing (on point) observation re. a fanbase conditioned to live in predictable denial thanks to the relentless, persisent and tenacious excuse and spin coming out of the Trojan PR machine:

A large and vocal segment of the USC fan base will refuse to believe the latest charge against Floyd, and attack everyone who does believe it, because that's what fans do. They believe the worst in other programs, but they believe the best in their own. And that's fine. Do your thing, USC fans. But you won't mind if we laugh at you for it, right?

And boy Greg LHAO and then some more. He doesn't pull his punches and coldly calls out what many of us have been watching and observaing for years while sharing the same town with Pete Carroll & Tim Floyd:

Add it up, and you have a brutal accusation against the USC basketball coach and damning accusations against the biggest USC football star in years. The NCAA's response, after opening separate investigations into both programs, has been to roll them into a single, program-wide look at USC athletics. The NCAA is looking for the dreaded "lack of institutional control," and the NCAA is going to find it.

This is cartoon stuff, the massive, two-sport improprieties being investigated at USC. This is Todd Bozeman meets Bobby Bowden. This is one coach being accused of outright cheating, and another coach being accused of not knowing, or wanting to know, the cheating happening with his players.

This is the most scandalous athletic program of this era. And that's saying something. So the question to ask right now is not this one: Who should be fired at USC?

The question is this:

Who shouldn't?

What else can we add to that?

Well for starters from now on whenever we discuss that program on BN, perhaps we should be add an asterisk along with the $ sign . It gets the point accross whenever we are discussing certain characters in baseball. I think it will do the same if we do it consistently whenever we are discussing the "programs" run by Tim Floyd and Carroll.

It doesn't really matter how the NCAA investigations end up (even though at least the reported evidence is piling up) all the Trojan records from last decade will forever be associated with an asterisk (except for the people who will live in a world of denial thanks to relentless Trojan PR machine). Judging by what we are seeing from Doyle and others across the nation it won't be just us slapping that asterisk at the end of U$C.*