Tracking the predictions*

A lot of people have been posting predictions on how SC* fans will attempt to rebut the building allegations.  Well, I thought it might be fun to look at a few.  As it turns out, the actual postings by Cal Southern fans are funnier than the predictions. Look at the comments to the OC Trojister blog article on the interview with the Yahoo reporter. As TJ Simers says, these people live among you.

Here are a few of the unedited gems (with spelling errors and all!):

The "Yahoo is written by non-credible yahoos defense:"

When has Yahoo Sports reporteers ever been rigth on a story? Give me one thing they were ever correct about prior to anything coming from CNNsi or ESPN or even FOX sports? NOT ONE Thing.
When you talk about the Rodney Guillory situation, didn’t USC ask the NCAA to do their own investigation prior to OJ signing or playing at USC and the NCAA Cleared OJ to play? YES they did.

The "they were dirty before they got here defense:"

Sorry, but this is complete BS. The reporter’s assertion that USC facitated and somehow introduced these relationships is incredibly false. These people were close with the atheletes independently of being visiting them on campus or calling them on their cell phones one they were at USC. Rodney Guillory sank his claws into OJ Mayo long before he was even recruited by USC. The Bush family got involved with Reggies’ handlers through existing personal relationships the father had. Michael, please call the Yahoo reporter on this assertion, which it is so incredibly false, it defies belief and obviously calls into question the credibilty of the reporter. You can argue that USC should have been much more concerned about these apparrent relationships and done a more thorough investigation, but to sugggest that the "access" enabled these relationships is ludicrous.

This one is vital because it assumes that a player’s misconduct can not be imputed to a university, regardless of the university’s action or inaction.

The "everyone is lying but us defense:"

And, Louis Johnson is a convicted felon for cocaine, a failed sportswriter, a wannabe Guillory hoops runner, and he is writing a book. Louis Johnson has no credibility whatsoever. And, he did not witness the purported event. It is hearsay from a felon with a motive.

The "$1K asking price is way too low defense:"

Does anyone really believe that if OJ Mayo was for sale, that $1k would be the asking price? You cannot be serious. The Yahoo report is ludicrous.

The "you’ll never prove it so it didn’t happen defense:"

I find the line of reporting to be extremely distasteful. Floyd giving $1,000 is something that is never going to be proven or disproven, so the theory that Johnson is telling the truth out of perjury prosecution is weak. It comes down to he said-he said.

In the mean time, Tim Floyd’s reputation and USC’s reputation take a beating simply because this pseudo news is so widely reported.

I should think that to demonstrate lack of instutional control, NCAA would want multiple, provable offenses, within the same time period and within one sport. They are not there yet, and I doubt they will be! Fight on!

I especially like the comment about Floyd’s and SC*’s reputation taking a beating. Nice touch. Exactly what is the reputation of a coach who: hires players’ fathers, hires aau coaches, gives scholarships to unqualified posers as part of package deals, and regularly takes players from diploma mills? 

I know.  Let's ask Gregg Doyel what the mainstream media thinks of Timmeh.

As I learned very early in Con Law: the truth is an absolute defense to defamation.



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