The LAT Finally Jumps Back Into OJ Payogate

Yeah, right.  You bought that one?

As you know, after Yahoo! Sports scooped everyone (including the LAT) on the OJ Payo story, the Times wrote a short summary of the story on Wednesday.

There was nothing in the paper, including no mention from Slimers, Crowe or Timmeh's biggest fan, Chrissy Dufresne, Thursday about the story, even while it was exploding across the net.

It's Friday and the LAT actually mentioned the story (and Bruinsnation--yeah!) in the generally unfunny Morning Briefing column today.

On "Yahoo! Sports: Tim Floyd Gave Cash to OJ Mayo."

On "Yahoo Sports Continues Their Vendetta Against USC."

Partisan politics are alive and well in Los Angeles.

That's the extent of LAT's follow-up to its brief mention of the story on Wednesday.

By the way, exactly how stupid are the writers at the LAT?  The BruinsNation headline is not "partisan" or biased.  It simply states what the Yahoo! Sports story reported.  The Trojan headline is clearly biased, not to mention whiny ("Vendetta against USC*").  Oh, those poor victims over at South Central.  They have it so rough as they commute to their walled-in fortress, er, campus in their luxury mobiles.

Anyway, bashing the Times for its bias is like shooting fish in a barrel.  At least BN got a mention.

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