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DC, JS, & PAA Working Out For NBA Teams, Getting Help From RW & LRMAM

Brian Dohn has a story today in the Daily News about DC, JS, PAA and Jrue Holiday going through their NBA workouts. The headline is about His Highness Jrue Holiday but to me the compelling story was how DC has been preparing for his NBA workouts:

Collison, a point guard, worked out for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks and was part of a group workout (the Lakers, the Clippers, Memphis, Philadelphia, New York and Toronto were represented) Friday in Manhattan Beach. He will work out for the Chicago Bulls on Sunday before going to the combine.

After that, he has a workout with the Minnesota Timberwolves followed by another group workout, this one hosted by Golden State.

"The first workout I had was kind of an eye-opener. It was, `Oh, my gosh, I'm working out for Cleveland,"' said Collison, who signed with agent Bill Duffy. "It's Cleveland. They are one of the top teams in the NBA. I was nervous and I didn't sleep the night before, but I had a good workout."

DC has been well prepared because he has been reaching out and getting help from fellow Ben Ball warriors:

He said talks with former UCLA teammates including Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Russell Westbrook helped him get ready for the drills and mentality of team-run workouts.

"I was well-prepared for it," Collison said. "Not to say I wasn't really tired because there were times when I was really tired, but I had to fight through it. Guys are out there competing for a job."

That's what UCLA basketball family is all about. LRMAM and RW even though they left early are still connected with the program and still doing what they can to help out their former team-mates. In addition to DC, JS and PAA are also trying their best to schedule workouts and give himself the best chance to get a shot at the next level:

Shipp, a wing, worked out for Oklahoma City and Houston this week. He said he has group workouts scheduled this weekend and will work out for Portland and Milwaukee next week, but as of now he was not going to attend the pre-draft camp.

"It's going good and I'm getting some good feedback," said Shipp, who signed with the Wasserman Media Group. "The first workout was kind of crazy, but I feel like I am doing well."

Meanwhile, former UCLA center Alfred Aboya worked out for the Indiana Pacers and Mavericks.

On the other end of spectrum His Highness Jrue Holiday continues the charade:

"I want to go through the whole process before (making) a decision," Holiday said. "It's an adventure for me, and right now it is fun for me."

Uh yeah ... he hasn't made a "decision" yet. Okay. Whatever.

Anyway, here is to DC, JS, PAA having great work outs. Right now things look good for DC. If somehow JS and PAA can get themselves in the second round (I think it's unlikely but we can always dream), it will once again be an incredible draft night for the Ben Ball warriors from UCLA.