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Quest For Bru-105: Baseball/Softball Open Thread

It's a big baseball/softball Sunday here on Bruins Naiton during the long Memorial Day Weekend. Let's start with softball. Our ladies dropped a tough game in their first match against Missouri Tigers yesterday at the Easton Stadium. They lost by a score of 1-2.

So they come back today with the proverbial backs agains the wall. They take on the Tigers today in Game 2, which starts around 12:30 p.m. It will be on ESPNU. Hopefully they can come through the first game:


Photo Credit: UCLA Softball (flickr)

If the get it done in the first game, they will play Game 3, which will start 30 minutes after Sunday's first contest. You can follow the action via the gametracker on official site.

Meanwhile, as rye noted below the baseball team will close out their season today against ASU. They evened the series last night with a big win. First pitch for that game is scheduled for 1 pm PDT. As always, you can follow along with the Bruins on GameTracker via the official site. You can also get game updates, Bruins in the pros updates, updates on UCLA commits, thoughts on rye's UCLA baseball tweeter feed.

Enjoy the games. If you are tracking the scores, please consider posting them on game threads here so rest of us can follow along on our phones. Fire away.