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Pauley Restoration: Monday, May 11 Is A Big Day

Morgan Center gives us a little glimpse of what they have on mind for Pauley renovation:

Got the image from the official site.

Remember they have a big announcement on the renovation scheduled for next Monday, May 11 at Pauley.

Around 1 pm that afternoon  Chancellor Gene Block and Dan Guerrero will give their first public presentation of "both the renovation plan" that "will modernize" the House that Coach Wooden built, and  "the fund-raising plan" which they are calling "the Campaign of Champions".

Of course Coach Ben Howland will be there. He will discuss the project with Bruin All-America alumni Mike Warren and Ann Meyers Drysdale. They will also a special video highlighting the renovation, which I think some of you who have been lucky to attend the banquet and alumni events have already seen

I know some of you already have concerns about the renovation plan. I respect that. However, for many of us we actually want to see what the plan entails, get the details, and also hear the perspectives from our coaches and players. I am not ready to reach a conclusion until I see what the folks have in mind and am anxious to hear and learn more about it.

Doors (Gates 1 and 2 of Pauley Pavilion) open at 12:30 pm, announcement begins at 1:00 pm. If you are on and around campus, show up, check it out, and blog about it here on BN.