Norm Chow delivers keynote at API event

Yesterday I received a last minute invite to an API event honoring community leaders and when I heard that Norm Chow was the keynote I quickly accepted.  It was a relatively short speech because he said he had to leave and get back to recruiting.  I won't attempt to recount his speech from memory, but I just wanted to recognize him for his continuing commitment to the community.

It was also great to hear him speak about UCLA with some passion.  In a conference hall filled with Bruins and trojies, he did not hesitate to make it know that he is a Bruin.  He started off by taking a crack at u$c. 

 "You know how they say you're a trojan forever?  That's because it takes forever to graduate."

It was an interesting dynamic because his sons were with him at the event and both (or at least one of them?) goes to USC.  Gotta love it. 

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