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Appreciating A "Ben Ball Warrior"

This made me smile:

Jordan Farmar AMAZING hustle play to Trevor Ariza for the slam! [] (via Lakernation024)

The obvious connection here is two players from UCLA connecting on a play that perhaps set the tone for the Los Angeles in the second round of the NBA playoffs.

However, to me what was beautiful to watch was JF's all out desire and hustle. That's the kind of classic effort from JF and AA, that led the term "Ben Ball warriors" in our first year of Bruins Nation. We saw that kind of hustle and desire from those guys every game starting from their freshman season when they came in to reestablish the name of UCLA basketball program. They played with a purpose in almost every play in every game.

That is what Ben Ball is all about. The kind of attitude that displays the all out effort and intensity to win a basketball game that set the foundation for the most successful run in UCLA basketball's history after retirement of Coach Wooden.

I appreciate the fact that Ariza is thriving in the NBA. However, when I see JF (along with RH, AA, RW, LRMAM, and KL) shining like that in NBA lights I feel more than a sense of pride. I get goosebumps. I know will experience the same feeling when I see DC suiting up in the NBA next year (or wherever JS and PAA ends up).

It's the kind of emotional connection that I can't really put into words. But I have to tell you its something I don't feel when I watch Ariza or wherever Jrue Holiday ends up next season.