COMpassion bucket

K Love was on the Dan Patrick Show again this morning and was asked about the situation at u$c. Specifically, he was asked what he thought about agents and runners. I was hoping he would take a bit of a stab at $c, but instead he said, "it's tough" because a lot of these kids come from less fortunate backgrounds. He said OJ Mayo came from a single-parent family and was surrounded by a bad group of people. He said that he understood that athletes want to be taken care of. I was waiting for him to say, "but no matter your circumstances, you have to play by the rules" or something to that effect. But he didn't.

Then he said, that his "COMpassion bucket is dripping" for the u$c basketball program. At first, that really irked me because I don't have compassion for a program that does what usc has done.

But I'm not sure what else he could've said. I think it's well known that amateurism is somewhat commonplace and he's not going to blast his colleagues on a national radio show. He also wasn't about to pass moral judgment on those that accept benefits, simply because he didn't. But what he could've done, is pass judgment on an administration that lets this stuff go. Perhaps it was a bit premature because the investigation is still ongoing and he didn't want to take a position on the issue.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings on this. What do you all think? She he have taken a stronger position on this rather than just saying he has compassion for usc?

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