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Jrue Holiday Informs Ben Howland Of His NBA "Decision" Via UCLA's Beat Writer

Let's start with two examples of a how a classy coach and his player talks about player/coaches in public arena.

First, on one hand we have Coach Ben Howland who can't stop saying nice things about Jrue Holiday (who never lived up to the hype around him before coming to UCLA). Every time Coach Howland has been asked about Holiday and his potential in the NBA he has been nothing but effusive in his praise of his freshman point guard.

Also, I will offer up a kid like DC, a Ben Howland coached player who every chance he gets shows his loyalty to UCLA and his head coach. As recently he was heard making comments such as Coach Howland "teaches you everything from A to Z."

On the other hand, we have Mr. Jrue Holiday. So Jrue Holiday ended the charade of his "decision makiing process" of whether or not he would return to UCLA.  Remember he and his people made such a big deal out of it that he held a freaking press conference at UCLA which Coach Howland graciously attended.

So how did His Highness Jrue Holiday informed his college head coach of his "decision" to hire an agent and remain in the draft? He informed Ben Howland and the UCLA basketball community via Brian Dohn:

The 6-foot-3 guard also used the momentous day to make his departure from UCLA official, saying Friday he will sign with an agent and forego his final three years of college eligibility to remain in the NBA draft. The story was first reported on

"It wasn't really (a tough decision)," Holiday said. "I'm in the position I want to be in. I'm hearing lottery, and that's where I want to be."

Apparently His Highness will be calling Coach Howland (you know the guy who was his college coach and championing him at every opportunity) today:

Holiday said he would phone Bruins coach Ben Howland today to inform him of his decision.

So classy.

He might as well have done what Mikey Garrett did to John Robinson when he booted him out of U$C*. He should have just left a message on Howland's answering machine which would have freed up more time to talk to the press about how much more "fun" it is gonna be for him in the NBA!

So long your Highess. Good luck to you. However, I will certainly not miss you.