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Congrats To (UC)LA Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know. In terms of blogdom, the night belongs to all the all the good folks overs at Silver Screen and Roll. They are going to be up all night, celebrating, dancing (but hopefully not turning any cars over), showing up at work with a massive hang over.

But the night also belongs to the last two letters of our school.

With two Bruins in the line up, the Los Angeles Lakers bring home the first legit championship (one that is not tainted with allegations and scandals) since 2002.

Congrats to Kobe and rest of his warriors. Time to go out and celebrate (responsibily). For full analyis on the 15 time NBA world champions head over to Silver Screen and Roll.


UPDATE (N): There is an all out EXPLOSION of joy and celebration from BruinsNation. Some of the tweets popping up on our radar:

@leezy3laker there ("leezy3" as in ML)

@UCLABruinVolleythe BIG show=THE LAKESHOW! Way to go Lakers !!!!

@UCLAAthleticsCongrats to Laker assistant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (@kaj33)n an all-time Bruin. Way to go!!!

@uclagymnasticsGO LAKERS!!!! i LOVE LA!!!!

@UCLAAthleticsCongrats to Trevor and Jordan for winning their first rings with the Lakers. Go Bruins!

Again you can follow all of our tweets here.

I am sure the party is just getting started in Westwood and all over LA!!! GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): Coach Howland chimes in:

Congratulations to Trevor and Jordan! 2 more Bruins with a Championship. I can't wait to see the rings, sit with them, and hear all about it

Can't wait to see them in the parade. GO BRUINS.