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Bruins Nation Turns Four

AA: Just One Of The Reasons To Celebrate "4" Years Of BN (Photo Source: <a href="" target="new">alix_drawec's photostream (flickr)</a>)
AA: Just One Of The Reasons To Celebrate "4" Years Of BN (Photo Source: alix_drawec's photostream (flickr))

While the community of Los Angeles is celebrating a World Championship, there is another occasion to raise a glass here on BN.  Four years ago today we launched this little virtual bar for those who bleed blue and gold on the internets. It was Odysseus who got the blogging started originally by creating Fire Karl Dorrell. He invited Ajax and yours to share our thoughts (okay, venting/ranting in frustration are more appropriate words for it) on the state of football program back then.

We found out that we just liked writing about lot more than just a football coach who wasn't getting it done. Soon enough three close friends including Tyler from Athletics Nation invited us to become first non baseball blog to join SBNation.

So there we were on June 15th of 2005 launching Bruins Nation hoping it will emerge as a new community that will platy a prominent part in shaping the narratives within larger UCLA community of alums, students and fans who are devoted to our athletic programs. A very raw and unpolished original welcome post was bumped up again on June 22nd after we got linked up DailyKos)

It's been fun and we will keep doing it because chatting up about those magical four letter will never stop being fun. Thanks again to everyone who has been with us from the very beginning. Thanks again to everyone who has stayed with us since joining the party.

Lot's to be happy about in a beautiful Monday in this little corner of the internets. So raise a glass and say cheers.

Carry on.