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Spaulding Roundup: Another Recruit Commits & Transfer Notes

Some quick football related news and notes from the football front. Looks like Rick Neuheisel has picked up his second commitment in this recruiting season:

Fresno (Calif.) Edison defensive back Tevin McDonald verbally committed to UCLA on Thursday, just days after receiving a scholarship offer from the Bruins as a result of a very good performance at UCLA's One-Day Camp.

Go here to read up the scouting report on Tevin. Here is the thing. McDonald has Trojan bloodlines. His Dad Tim McDonald was an All American at U$C*.

The McDonald family from Fresno is going to have an interesting time during the UCLA-USC football game in 2010 now that cornerback Tevin McDonald from Fresno Edison has committed to the Bruins. His older brother, T.J., will be a freshman defensive back at USC this fall. And his father is former Trojan Tim McDonald.

"It is crazy that I am the only Bruin in the family and I was the last boy, but that's how it has to be and I'm ready to take that challenge in," Tevin McDonald tolds

He was a great defensive back for the Niners that played a huge part in the 1995 Super Bowl championship season. Perhaps it's appropriate. The two Trojans I have ever rooted for - Lott and McDonald - they both will have sons going to UCLA (although Tevin's older brother TJ signed with U$C* this February.

Edison is turning out to be a pretty good pipeline for UCLA. Currently we have Courtney Viney on the team who is an Edison alum. Also the school sent players like Ricky Manning and Brandon Breazell to the program. Not bad. So once again welcome to Westwood Tevin.

Meanwhile, while we are excited about Tevin join the Bruin family, other players who have made decisions to transfer out this off season are finding places to land. Raymond Carter is headed over to Colorado State and Dominque Johnson is headed over to Cal Poly SLO. Per Dominque he transferred primarily for family reasons:

Former UCLA receiver Dominique Johnson, who is from Moreno Valley, said family issues were the driving force behind his transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His family will re-locate to the SLO area.
If there wasn't such issues?
"I think there was a strong possibility I would have stayed,'' Johnson said.

Best of luck to both of them. Lastly, speaking of transfer note the Brandon Warner saga continues to remain bizarre. He is apparently now heading to New Mexico State and said the following to Dohn:

"I am going to head to New Mexico State,'' Warner said. "Right now, me and UCLA were having problems. I am on my way to call (Bruins coach Rick) Neuheisel today."
As a side note, Warner said he is fully qualified, meaning he would be eligible to play at UCLA.

(Editor's note: Sources told me that Warner was told if he received his A.A. degree and was NCAA qualified, UCLA's admissions said they would admit him to school.)

I am sorry but there just way too many gaps in Brandon's story. I just don't think we can really go by with his statements suddenly turning on UCLA after all these weeks of saying how committed he was to joining the program. Given what we have seen from Neuheisel to date, it would be laugable for anyone to claim that he wasn't attentive to any concerns he might have presented before. One thing we have seen from Neuhisel that is pretty clear from last two years: he pays attention to all details when it comes to recruiting. I find it amusing that it took him months to get this transcript situation all figured out for UCLA, yet it took him just days to get all signed up with New Mexico State.

Something is really missing from this story and I am not going to go with the version we are hearing from Warner. Whatever. Time to move. Wish him luck in New Mexico. For us, we have a football program that needs to be focused on rebuilding brick by brick, and less drama there is around it, the better.