Adam Maya is a clown

If any of you ever had a doubt about who owns (literally and figuratively) the newspapers in SoCal, just look at this installment from Adam Maya in the OC Register. I will not link to it because I don't want him to get more traffic, I am sure you can figure out how to find it if you want to comment on his latest ass-clownery.

The title of his latest gem is "36 Trojan Football Players Who Could Start For UCLA".

What prompted this worthless garbage? An article from TWO MONTHS AGO, also in the OC Register, about Ten Bruins who could start for U$C.

Why does Adam feel the need to come to his team's defense? Everyone knows that U$C has stockpiled talent over the last few years. It's really not news if they could start at UCLA (dog bites man), but the fact that UCLA is getting more players who could play at U$C is a bit more newsworthy (man bites dog), isn't it? Those U$C players could probably start at a bunch of other schools (which makes you wonder why they're trOJies...$$$$). Getting pretty desperate with these articles, eh?

It's just that Adam forgets a major point, clearly illustrated by our own CRN: we could have gotten a lot more of U$C's recruits...if they could read or write.

Pretty soon, these players will realize what everyone else knows: that Cheatie recruits them so that they won't go to other schools...he has no interest in their future. And they'll start going to other teams.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Adam...hope you'll be wearing a helmet when the hammer falls.

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