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BN Roundup: Happy Bruin Father's Day Edition

Wow. It looks like the North-South question put up yesterday had caused a little stir here on a slow weekend in the off season. I had a feeling it was going to make people come out and represent. As I somewhat expected it looks like the North is out to a commanding lead in our current poll. But I do know there are lot of Bruin athletics addicts on the South Side too. Even though I ended up on the North Side when I graduated, I spent my first two years on the South before the Physics 6 series finally came up as a rude awakening and huge obstacle to going to Strattons on Tuesdays for $1 pint night. Made the switch to North Campus and life became even more beautiful in Westwood. 

So for those Southies who manage to finish in style while not compromising the good times at UCLA, I salute you. I know you are out there and if you are make sure to vote so that us Northsiders can't gloat too much about it's us who really get behind our football/basketball teams.  Speaking of supporting our football/ben ball teams, if you are current student also don't forget to vote for your favorite Den shirt design for next season (HT Bruin4ever15)

As for some news and notes on this Sunday, Dohn reported recently that three UCLA incoming signees have their work cut out for them in this summer season to get into school:

Most of UCLA's freshmen football class will move in Sunday and begin summer school Monday, but three signees are in danger of not qualifying academically and have academic issues to clean up during the summer in order to enroll when August training camp begins.
Irvine High offensive/defensive lineman Nik Abele and Long Beach Jordan linebacker Taniela Maka both have work to do before being accepted into UCLA, according to sources.
Both players still have the possibility of taking care of their academic business before training camp begins, and if they do, both will enroll. However, if the academic situation is not rectified, either or both could still enroll in January 2010.

Also, JC transfers Eddie Williams has some work to do as well before enrolling in August per the same Dohn post. Good luck to these kids. Perhaps Brian Price can reach out to them or UCLA coaches can serve Price up as an example on how they can get themselves in a rewarding situation at UCLA if they stay determined and get their academics in order.

As football football players who have already completed their time at UCLA, some interesting news from the official site. Bunch of recent alums along with Coach Howard are participating in an a senior bowl game in Japan:

UCLA assistant football coach Todd Howard and six former UCLA football players are scheduled to participate in the New Era Bowl 2009. The bowl is scheduled for 6:00 pm on July 4 at Oji Stadium in Kobe, Japan. Howard and the six Bruins - wide receiver Brandon Breazell, fullback Chad Moline and wide receiver Mike Angelo on offense and defensive tackle Chase Moline, linebacker John Hale and cornerback Michael Norris - will leave for Japan on Friday, June 26. They will arrive on Saturday and practice for the week leading up to the game on July 4. They are scheduled to depart from Japan on Monday, July 6.

Good luck to them.

Lastly, it's Father's Day in Bruins Nation. So I thought I end the note with this great update from the UCLA Athletics tweeter feed:

Bob Field and Valorie Kondos Field had dinner with Coach Wooden and his daughter Nan tonight. Coach is doing well.

That was last night. So I am sure Coach is out in Southern California enjoying a wonderful Dad's Day. Wish everyone else here the same. Have a great Sunday and if you are not hanging out with your Dad today don't forget to call him and wish him a Happy Bruin Father's Day.