The Kevin O'Neill Thing Is Too Good To Be True

The whole Kevin O'Neill story is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for UCLA fans.

One minute we were worried that SC would hire Ben Howland's best friend, and the next they hired one of the least liked people in the sport of basketball.

If you don't believe me, try listening to this interview Kevin O'Neill did with Dan Patrick today. Patrick basically gives up on him halfway through the interview.

But, maybe SC had no choice. This is what Gary Parrish had to say about the SC job:

To me, it sounds like the type of job you take if you are unemployed, unhappy (or unsafe) at your spot, or a low-major coach (or high-major assistant) looking for a nice salary increase. Short of that, you don't touch this. And that's why USC shouldn't spend too much more time imagining a scenario that ends with a hire that garners national attention and reinvigorates the fanbase, because this search is not going to work that way.

Anybody pretending otherwise is living in a fantasy world.

For USC's sake, I hope athletic director Mike Garrett isn't one of them.

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