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ATV Jumps Into The Blogosphere

Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">dabruins07's photostream (flickr)</a>
Photo Credit: dabruins07's photostream (flickr)

Let's take a little detour from celebrating the big night of Bruin senior to share some news on another great Bruin who is going to be a senior next season. We are talking a little football here. ATV is blogging.

Yes, really. The Bruin senior pre-season All American is "blogging" at least in spirit on the official site where he is sharing stories from his last summer as UCLA student on a "periodic" basis. It is basically reads like a journal (guess that makes it a blog) however without the usual bells and whistles that accompany a conventional blogging platform (hey maybe the athletic department will get there by 2012?). Anyway, all jokes aside ATV's update is a pretty fun read. The kid is taking (and apparently acing) his classes on Romanian:

This week was the first week of summer school at UCLA. I am currently taking Romanian 103, which is an intensive introduction to the Romanian language. It is a six-week session that lasts from 9:00 am-1:40 pm every single day of the six weeks. This is excluding weekends, of course. So, the first few days of class been very interesting, with the language very similar to Spanish. We have learned how to greet people, ask how old they are, who they are, what they are, what day it is, what's their birthdays, where they are from, location directions of places, and how to say goodbye.

So we have completed four days, and we had our first quiz on Wednesday. It was what we learned from Monday to Wednesday of this week. The quiz consisted of us translating the English dialogue into Romanian dialogue. It was scored on a scale of one to 10, and I was fortunate to receive a 10 on the first assignment. What a way to start the class off.

Sounds a little different than the Senora Ross's summer "class" from the other side of the town. ATV is aslo working out with his team-mates during the off season:

In other events this week, we have started voluntary football workouts. Most of the team stayed around this summer to participate so we can be ready for the season. I am lifting and running early in the morning at 6 am, but other times are 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. We have been hitting it hard and pushing each other to new PRs and plateaus. Then we get together for some team activities at night to work on team chemistry, like receivers running routes and DBs working on technical things to enhance our games. This week, I was able to see the incoming recruiting class. They bring a lot of talent to our team. It's a young group that needs to learn, but the players have the physical and mental capacity to be successful. They have a nice swagger to them and are very gifted. I have been impressed! But I am mainly waiting to see what they do in camp.

Read rest of the update here which also includes his notes from shooting a commercial promoting the student experience as one of the leading student-athletes at UCLA. Not a bad effort by ATV. I'd say his debut in the blogosphere (we are giving benefit of the doubt here) was just as strong as his first game at UCLA (See what he did to Utah at the Rose Bowl in his first game as Bruin). Looking forward to reading more updates from pre-season All American.