A Simple Message To Those Who Are Sending Hate Mails Defending Holiday

We got the following whiny message late last night (emphasis added throughout):

Your strange hatred of Jrue Holiday the last few months has finally culminated in a detestable graphic and blog post completely ignoring him. Darren Collison and Ben Howland would be ashamed of your treatment of a Bruin who from the get-go made it clear we would only be blessed to watch him for one season. You have lost this reader, most of my friends, and I suspect many more.

Uhm, let me just drive down the memory lane and share with you a message we put up in a post in September, 2005:

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 01:31:23 -0400

As a loyal Bruin fan, I started checking out the Bruin Nation site.

I hope you guys are not paying the guys that [sic] run that site. Those guys are the biggest bunch of whinning [sic] idiots I have ever seen.

There is nothing of value on that site. Just the same old tired BS that makes it look like all they care about is getting the coach at UCLA fired.

That being the case, I will be telling my friends not to visit your site until you guys do something to balance the content on that pathetic site.

Los Angeles, CA

That was about four years ago. You know rest of the story.

Don't think we need to spell out how we are going to react in response to the whining we are hearing about a graphic paying tribute to actual Ben Ball warriors playing for UCLA.


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