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Special US|UCLA Soccer Open Thread: Celebrating Red, White & Blue

Well 4th of July is just about a week away. So consider this an extended preparty celebration of the Red, White and Blue here on Bruins Nation.

We have already talked about the UCLA angle in today's team USA's quest to pull of another miracle on grass. The heart and soul of the Yank's defense is none other than a UCLA alum : Captain Carlos Bocanegra (number 3):


Photo Credit: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images via katnguyen2's photostream (flickr)

Carlos is not the only Bruin representing the four letters in Red, White & Blue. UCLA alums Benny Feilhaber, Jonathan Bornstein, and Marvell Wynne have also been contributing to Team USA's magic carpet ride down in South Africa.

Today's final match against Brazil (which is the Yankees of world soccer) will be a ginormous challenge. However, per the LAT we might have a shot. Apparently Brazil which has stars pretty much in every position hasn't been showing its usual flair of playmaking abilities all over the field.

For more on the game here is ESPN's preview and if you are not around a television you can watch it on It all gets started on WWL around 2:30 pm EST.

We will be following the action in our game thread here. So once again you know what to do. Fire away. GO BRUINS and ...