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DC: Coach Howland "Teaches You Everything From A to Z"

Just hours left till we get to see JF and rest of the Lakers make another charge for Title number 15. One of the best parts of this post season has been to watch the reemergence of JF as a contributor to the team. I know everyone is excited about what Trevor Ariza has brought to the Lakers but I I will say again when a kid like JF (or AA) shine at the next level it feels a little extra special.

I am hoping DC is going to be the next Ben Ball warrior who is going to have the same impact at the next level. Just spotted a pretty telling interview DC did with the Warriors following their work out that gives you a good sense of why you want to root extra harder for this Bruin just like JS, PAA and other Ben Ball warriors who have shown their total committment to Coach Howland's program. So here is DC:

2009 Draft Prospect: Darren Collison (via GoldenStateWarriors)

Specifically this is what DC said when he was specifically asked about how Coach Howland's program prepared him for the next level (emphasis added throughout):

You gotta be mentally prepared. You gotta be mentally tough. He teaches you everything from A to Z. His attention to detail. He is really defensive oriented. Playing for a guy like this will definitely get you ready for any coaches at this next level.

Oh and DC had this to say when he was asked about one skill people don't appreciate about him:

I really pride myself on the defensive end. I am quick enough to guard full court and I really want to be effective at the next level.

I just don't want to be an offensive player. I want to play defense as well.

FWIW here is the scouting reports on DC from's Warriors page.

Well DC will have the entire Bruin Nation vouching for his heart, desire, and passion to his commitment to play like a warrior. If the Warriors are lucky enough to get him, this Bruin will instantly be rooting for the Golden State Warriors (along with the Lakers and teams such as Thunder, Pistons, Timberwolves). It's not going to be that hard given the kind of legacy DC left as a Ben Ball warrior.