Making the Tennessee trip

I just thought I would see if we are getting a good contingent going to the Tennessee game. While I know the numbers probably won't be large, I was just curious if there were alot of people from BN going to Knoxville. I thought it would be cool to see if alot of people were, and if they were, what there plans are for the trip. As for me, I am making the trip, but will be flying into Atlanta. I am going to try and get the most "bang for my buck" by making flying into Atlanta, making the three hour drive to Knoxville for the game, and then head back to Atlanta to watch the Falcons vs. Dolphins game at the Georgia Dome before coming home. A football weekend to be sure. I have no rooting interest in the NFL game, it is more just to say I did it. I would love to hear if any of you are making the trip, and if you will be taking in any of the Bruins festivities while in Knoxville.

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