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Los Angeles Times Redacts Its Blogger's (USC Alum Adam Rose) Defense Of Maulaga Grinding On Andrews

.This is literally ironic.

It seems the Los Angeles Times deleted the video of Rey Maualaga lewdly and suggestively dancing behind an unaware Erin Andrews.

This is what Rose's blog post now says (it's still called Rey Maualuga Dances With Erin Andrews):

*Editor's Note: This post previously contained a video showing the USC linebacker and ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews. A reference in the post described his actions on the Rose Bowl sideline as "dancing" with Andrews. Maualuga later apologized to Andrews. The video has since been removed once it was deemed inappropriate based on Times standards and practices, and should not have been posted.

It's ironic because they deleted the video from a blog post by Rose, the one in which the USC-educated blogger defended the similarly-learned Maualuga.

Nestor recently updated his original post regarding the Maualuga-Andrews-Rose-defending incident. You can read what Rose originally wrote there.

In summary, I'll plagiarize myself by repeating a comment I made in Nestor's thread.

The point is, guys like Ray M and Adam Rose (who condoned) what Ray M did perpetuated the objectification of Andrews and farther down the slippery slope she ends up violated with a hidden camera.

I don’t specifically blame Ray M or Adam Rose, but you have to wonder if they -- and everyone else who thinks it is funny to treat a female reporter as a sub-human just because she is attractive -- were also contributors in some way to the egregious action (of secretly videotaping Andrews).

UPDATED (N): Note only the LAT took down the video but note they also erased a post from Adam Rose, a Trojan alum who has been shilling for the Trojan Athletic Department "blogging" on that papers website, where Rose defended Maualaga's infamous grinding on Erin Andrews. We wonder whether Rose will be writing a new post regretting for making excuses for the former Trojan football player. GO BRUINS