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Villaraigosa Tries To Spin Petey Carroll Getting Booed At Dodger Stadium

It looks like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is trying hard to spin the bad night for Pete Carroll (and for him I guess) when they were booed at the Dodger stadium by telling his tweeter followers how great it was to show up with Petey at Chave Ravine. He linked to Petey's fanblog on his tweeter account:

villaraigosaNice post on last night's Dodger event with @ABetterLA's Coach Carroll:

All of this nothing short of cute spin from Villargosa. As ydg2008 reports in the comment thread (emphasis added):

I was at the game, and when he was first shown on screen and presented with a check (which he will likely use to pay off one of his thugs, I mean athletes) there was a noticeable mix of boos and cheers. I was booing Cheaty Peety, and was mad at Villaretardo for not punching him in the gut. Anyhow, the second time he was shown on the big screen, he was the only one on screen and what happened next was simply delightful. The cheers came first, followed by a much louder wave of boos. These boos were loud enough to easily drown out the cheers from the bandwagon $c fanbase at the Ravine. It was something I truly didn’t see coming, but, it was great.

So don't let them spin out of this nonsense by retweeting directly to Mayor the real story.  Here is what you can do. If you are on tweeter,  please retweet this:

RT @BruinNation @villaraigosa uh nice try spinning Mayor but Pete Carroll was booed at the Chavez Ravine:

Make sure to let him know that Petey, the Giant fan got what he deserved at the Chavez Ravine.