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The Sporting News Features UCLA & Kevin Prince

TSN Frontpage Featuring UCLA
TSN Frontpage Featuring UCLA

UCLA and Kevin Prince was on the frontpage of the Sporting News (top left corner). TSN like Phil Steele and westwood78 is being a bit bullish on CRN's Bruins as the Pac-10's "most improved" program this coming season. TSN guys are high on the Bruins for three reasons:

  1. Kevin Prince: they are calling him an "upgrade" from last year
  2. New talent: they love Morrell Presley calling him UCLA's "best weapon"
  3. CRN's second season: thet are pointiing to CRN's second seasons at both CU and at UW that were his best seasons at both of those programs

Let's work backwards here. Well I am really not sure about point number 3 considering CRN inherited the UCLA program in a very different state compared to the situations he entered into as a head coach at his previous two positions (no need to rehash that old history all over again).

As for Presley being the "best weapon" in the team that could be true but we will see how the lack of experience plays into his performance next year. Kevin Prince meanwhile hasn't started a game in almost two years. So while I am excited to see what he could do, we still have to keep the excitement in check. More on the TSN feature after the jump.

You can read the whole preview here which seems fairly standard at this point and bit stale. Like all other previews, it points to OL as "a major area of concern" (in CRN's own words):

The offensive line, which Neuheisel deemed "a major area of concern," should be better with the addition of junior college transfer Ryan Taylor and tackle Sean Sheller, who missed the 2008 season after being injured in a vehicle accident.

The key for the offense, it seems, is to not lose games—for the defense should be good enough to win its share. The Bruins have all-conference talent on the line in junior tackle Brian Price, at linebacker in senior Reggie Carter and in the backfield with shutdown senior cornerback Alterraun Verner.

That seems fair enough although they should have mentioned X man and Hasiak when talking about young talent could help our OL. Fingers crossed.

The print version has a projected starter lineup which also seems a bit dated and off given it has Dominque Johnson at WR (who transferred out) and Presley as the starting TE (I think Pausen as the team captain and also because of his experience will be getting starting nod at TE).

Still though it's cool to see UCLA getting positive pub despite the tough first season we expected this past year. If we can pull off a bowl season this coming year, the excitement around the program is only going to build heading into the next season.