The LA Times is Pure Garbage


Go ahead and click the link. It won't take you to the miserable LAT and I won't give you the link to the Times, either. There is a method to my madness. As you know, Ed O'Bannon recently filed a class action suit (he is the lead plaintiff, I believe) against the NCAA because he believes that they are raking in millions of dollars without compensating college players who are the "stars" of the old games they show on TV. This topic, as well as the suit against EA Sports, has generated, IMHO, some extremely interesting discussions here on BN and elsewhere. It's a truly interesting topic and I think a lot of us are interested in how these suits turn out. The LAT recently reported on Ed O's suit and published a letter today which followed the story. Here's the letter, in full (again, no link for you, my friends): Game over, Ed Ed O'Bannon is just another washed-up athlete looking for a free ride. Maybe if O'Bannon had studied and earned a degree, instead of using UCLA to hone his mediocre basketball skills, he might have a high-paying job instead of selling used cars in Nevada. But I guess it's easier to file a lawsuit and hope the NCAA will settle than get up every morning like the rest of us to go to work. John Mark Newport Beach Let's get the obvious out of the way first. First, the author is likely a Trojie (note the privileged NB address) and he's also ignorant (sorry for the redudancy). Second, Ed O didn't have "mediocre basketball skills." My memory is fading but I seem to recall he did pretty well in a certain NCAA tournament in 1995 and was recognized for somethinig mroe than "mediocre" skills at the conclusion of the final game of that tournament. Third, I believe Ed eventually obtained his degree from UCLA. Fourth, I am pretty confident he does "get up every morning like the rest of us" and goes to work. He has a job, Mr. Totally-Off-the-Mark. But why, in the name of God, would the stinking LAT publish a letter which doesn't comment on the merits of the suit (which is an interesting topic) and instead it elects to publish a letter attacking Ed O personally by someone with no command of any facts? I've given you the link to the column for a little balance and relief here. This idiotic letter literally ruined my morning and made me write this rant. And I am writing the LAT over this and you should, too. Normally, I let the crap in the paper roll right off of me. But this is outrageous.

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