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Great Memories From 2001 Alabama Trip & Other Thoughts On UCLA Football Roadies

Over here I have repeatedly written about the fond memories of the UCLA roadtrip to T'town aka Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2001. I have been scouring the internet for last few years for the video highlights of that game. Finally this past week, I found it:

Crimson Tide Show-Bama vs UCLA 2001 (via MrParlay2000)

Those highlights are cut from 'Bama perspective but it was still fun to watch. What is remarkable from watching the highlights though is the athleticism of that team. Still remember that stop near the goal line on 4th down. I was in the UCLA section with few other buddies from UCLA days and about 7,000 other Bruin fans who traveled out to Alabama. Traveling with so many UCLA fans was simply awesome. We were everywhere. The night before the game we had a huge get together (and I am blanking out at the name of the sports bar). Before the game the UCLA alumni/athletics folks had set up a huge barbecue tent with lots of cold beverages where we tailgated with the band and spirit squad.

I should mention that the clowns from WWL's Gameday was there (all set up at the middle of the campus) and IIRC all of them picked Alabama to beat up UCLA. We made sure to stop by there after the game and let them know how their "knowledge" didn't amount to all that much. More notes from that trip and thoughts on road trips after the jump.

As for the Bama fans, as I have mentioned here before, Alabama has some of the classiest and most fun college sports fans in America. They were incredibly gracious despite that difficult loss. Immediately after it was over at Bryant Denny stadium we streamed out to their main strip and went over to a bar called the Houndstooth Sports bar. Again even though those guys had just lost and we were celebrating a huge win, there were number of Bama fans actually buying us drinks celebrating a tough game.

Also, can't mention Tuscaloosa without making a reference to Dreamland Barbecue. I think the only place I had comparable barbecue was at the Salt Lick (little out of the way from Austin, TX) in last couple of years. Will definitely be stopping by at Salt Lick when UCLA goes out to Austin in 2010.

I know the road hasn't been kind to us in recent years because of the mediocrity from the previous regime. I won't touch the details re. the Notre Dame game. Although the feedback in terms of traveling experiences through Chicago and interactions with classy Irish fans were great, all everyone can remember was that last 40-50 seconds and that pretty much seemed to have ruined it for majority of the people making the track out to South Bend.

So, here is to more good memories from UCLA roadies. I saw Dohn mention that UCLA might be scheduling a road trip to Duke, which could be fun for thousands of alums out in the East Coast. Plus I hear barbecue in North Carolina is pretty damn tasty. I am not sure if I am going to make it out Knoxville yet. I really want to go but have scheduling issues. But for the all BNers who are going out there, we are looking forward to reading about your experiences (with pictures/posts etc) about traveling to a SEC program with great game day atmosphere around Neyland Stadium on Saturdays.

Of course if you want to reminisce about your favorite UCLA roadie, we'd love to hear that as well. Use this thread to share it or if the post gets long, fire it up in our fanposts.